Graduation Speech

Isn't it strange how princes and kings

And clowns who caper in sawdust rings

And common folk, like you and me

Are builders for eternity.

For each is given a bag of tools,

A shapeless mass, and a set of rules.

And each of us, a life is flown,

Must either build a stumbling block or stepping stone.

Builders for eternity ... what an awe-inspiring thought: That you and I not would be, nor could be, but are builders for eternity. On this day, the seventh of June 2006, at our high school graduation night, the night we say goodbye to the structured life high school offers, the night we say goodbye to friends and teachers that have impacted our lives in so many ways. This night, as we bid farewell and invite the broad, new horizon ahead of us, we must ask ourselves this: What kinds of builders will we become, and what will we build?

Life is filled with endless opportunities of what we can become. Not merely as a profession, but what makes us as individuals. As we, builders for eternity, fabricate our lives from here on out as high school graduates, I hope and pray for the very best for each and every one of us; that we can all build, for ourselves, and, more importantly, others, stepping-stones. In doing this, there are three words that stand out to me to keep in mind. They all start with the letter E.

The first E is for Enjoy. A band named Aerosmith said: "Life is a journey not a destination." So live it accordingly. Let us enjoy being who we are, doing those activities that excite, enliven, and motivate ourselves. It is often important and necessary to do things that are not fun, but overall, be you, someone who you will enjoy being.

The second E is for Effort. "A person should do his or her job ...

... middle of paper ...

... in this gymnasium this evening has these three items: A bag of God given talents, a life of time to do with what we please, and a few laws to live by when applying these talents and time. So, with these thoughts in mind, what is the challenge before us? ... And each of us, a life is flown, must either build a stumbling block or a stepping-stone.

On behalf of the Humphrey graduating Class of 2006, I would like to thank the School District Board of Directors, administrators, teachers along the entire path, and any more members of the Humphrey School District staff. Also, thank you parents, families, and friends for your love and support.

Congratulations Class of 2006. We made it, and have made it this far together. After tonight we take separate paths to conquer what lies before us. Let's choose our battles wisely, fight a faithful fight, and win. Thank you.

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