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We live in a time in which everything is categorized by lists, whether it’s a dreaded school rubric or a David Letterman Top Ten List. As the millennium turns, we are deluged with lists: the best books of the millennium, the greatest songs of the millennium, the most influential people of the millennium. Personally, I may be sick of all these lists, but no graduating class of 2006 could let this occasion slip by without one more list: The Top Ten Things I Learned in High School. So listen along and see if your experience parallels mine. Here goes: Lesson No. 10: It is 10 percent of the people who do 90 percent of the work. I’ve heard that, unfortunately, this is true in the real world, too. Whether we were organizing food drives or class activities or a pep assembly, the same people always came through, no matter how busy they already were. Lesson No. 9: Contrary to popular belief, there is free parking near the Key Arena. Get off the freeway at the Mercer Street exit; take a right on Third Avenue North, and a left on Valley. I am proud to say that we found street parking the...

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