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Gouldian finches are considered to be endangered species in the wild of Northern region of Australia. They are actually one of the most beautiful kind of birds in the world because of their vivid colors and just like many other finches, gouldians also have that pleasant and soft chirp. Gouldian finches are not for those who are first timers when it comes to taking care of birds. They are more difficult to care of and to breed. They may not like it when you pet them or hold them as well. The three varieties of Gouldian Finches are the black-headed ones (Poephila gouldiae), the red-headed ones (Poephila mirabilis) and the yellow-headed ones (Poephila armitiana); they all have natural vivid colors that almost seem unnatural. The male gouldian finch has a brighter and darker purple color on its chest, while the yellow shade on their belly are darker when compared to the females. The green color on their back and the …show more content…

Gouldian finches need special treatment if they are in colder places like Europe and Canada. Gouldian finches don't have a "down" that other Australian finches have at the bottom of their feathers, which actually what keeps them warm. Cold winds are one of the worst enemies of gouldians; they cannot stand the cold winds for very long. Gouldian finches prefer large white millets. They are also timid in trying on new food, but would likely have egg food, greens and soaked or sprouted millets. To satisfy their need for calcium, grit, a crushed egg-shell or an oyster shell together with cuttlebone must always be available for them. They also need enough iodine in their diet. Lack of iodine often results to balding around their heads that it is better to give them vitamin and mineral supplements with iodine or you can supplement in their water. You can buy potassium iodine in several health food

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