Endangered and Extinct Animals

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Did you know that endangered animals represent natural diversity? 800 animals a year become extinct. Animals are becoming endangered because the animals are not getting enough help and support. Endangered animals need to be saved because the animals are important. Animals represent the nation and the citizens. The animals need to be saved because they are so rare and valuable to the nation. Endangered animals need to be saved because the endangered animals are valuable to scientists and the economy.

Animals lose their homes to deforestation, wildfires and pollution. The environment may also affect animals. Drought affects the animals water supply and plants. People cut down trees for wood, and most people don't know that are cutting down an animal's home. Wildfires also cause the loss of habitat for animals. Poaching and smuggling are main causes of an animal becoming endangered. Pollution is very negative for an animal and its habitat. Animals are curious and try to eat the objects that are causing pollution. Also, some rivers and natural resources are becoming polluted and can make an animal have to move to a new home. Pollution harms valuable resources that animals need. Global warming melts ice caps. Polar Bears and other animals need the ice, because the ice is the animals home. The Earth is gradually getting warmer. Global warming affects more than just animals, it is also affecting humans as well. Many endangered animals are killed for their fur. Fur is used for clothes and money. People buy fur because the animals are rare and fur is used for clothing, trade, rugs, etc. Humans illegally kill and trade endangered animals. The animals are traded because they are rare and the animals have economic va...

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...appy life, just like humans deserve a chance at a happy life. Endangered animals must be saved, because if the animals are not saved the world will not have such natural diversity and economic value.

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