Gospel Of Mark Essay

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What my hope to do is explain the Gospel of Mark, how I plan to do it is tell the main points of what the Gospel of Mark thought was most important and why he decided to write it that way compared to the others that wrote the gospels also. What the Gospel of Mark mainly talks about is how he emphases on how the people should get ready for the coming of the Lord. Also that Jesus had come for the sick and not the healthy because he had been healing a lot of the sick and the poor, even though the Pharisees didn’t think that was right. He also highlights the death in Jerusalem and how he rode in very quietly and not very fancy like just on a little donkey, compared to what was happening on the other side of the town. He also highlighted the last supper and how Jesus’ died for our sins so that everyone of us could go to heaven. According to the journal that Stephen wrote he states that the audience for the Gospel of Mark would be that “Mark simultaneously includes that audience in other events and teachings that only the disciples witness, and he even discloses information …show more content…

This goes along with the bible because in the bible it’s one of the main points from the beginning. How he has created a place like heaven and hell so that if you believe and give your life to God you’ll be able to have a forever life with him. So the Gospel of Mark goes very well with the bible because really the whole bible kind of leads up to that point the resurrection and rising of God. It also goes with the bible because the bibles mostly a bunch of stories told in different ways because there are gospels, psalms, epistles and many other kinds of stories that can tell you about what happened. And the Gospel of Mark is just a story told in a different person’s version of what he thought was most important at that time he came across

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