Google Essay

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Can you imagine a world without Google? Google gets an average of 5.9 Billion searches per day and is rated the most visited website and search engine. Google is worth over 20.3 Billion dollars and you would never guess Larry Page would be the creator. Larry Page actually created Google on a mission to make webpages search by popularity on the web and was a college project. Larry was able to save up 1 million dollars from family, friends, and loyal people all giving donations to make Google what it is today.
Larry was not alone in his search to create Google, he had help from a scholar he graduated with named Sergey Brin. Brin was used to help data mine and help revolutionize the way Google searches for results, this played a key role in making Google what it is today. In 1997 the name domain was purchased. “…domain name was derived from the term "googol," the very large number written as a one followed by 100 zeros, an expression of the vast universe of data the Google search engine was designed to explore.” ( this quote explains what googol means and w...
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