The Success Of Going To College: Success And Success

Everyone wants to better themselves in life…right? No one wants to graduate high school and be stuck living with their parents or only make minimal wage. There are plenty of ways to have a better life, one in which is attending college. If a person attends college, they have a more likely chance of making more money, being more successful, and securing their future financially. Going to college not only leaves someone with better opportunities but it can instill in a person responsibilities, persistency and work ethic. All of these things are important unless a person is born into a rich family and are automatically given a job, the rest of civilization has to work and that is where college comes into play. College is more than just school.…show more content…
Statistics have proven people who do decide to go to college have fewer unemployment rates as well as destitution. Getting a college degree and being successful allows a person to network outside their community and open their minds to different cultures and people. Jeff Bezos, who is the founder and chief executive officer of Amazon and other companies, attended Princeton University. As stated by, of the small percentage of immensely wealthy people, most of them have attended and graduated from college. Going to college enables people explore the various opportunities life has to offer. One including being the intern of the CEO of a successful company or of a nurse at a hospital. Internships are available to a lot of college students. It gives the student a chance to see how prosperous they could be or how forfeiting the job actually…show more content…
When a person decides to engage in a higher education, such as college, they can get a good job and that in it can make a credit score go up. Going to college, can provide the necessary job training, skill set, or characteristics a particular job may need. A person with experience or the skills will most likely be chosen for the job than a person who posses only one of those traits or neither. Securing ones future financially has become one of the main focuses of this world. Securing a person’s future not only affects their present but it allows room for mistakes in the future or for financial difficulties in the future. In the 1920’s when stock markets crashed and people who owed banks money could not pay them back, they lost jobs and even homes. If one advances his education they can get a job, become stable in that job, save, and therefore secure themselves for any downfalls or instability that may occur in the future. In this world today life is not easy. Everyone is either trying to become #1 or is already #1. Going to college will better a person’s probability of having financial future

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