Going Back to College as a Single Mom

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Going back to college after you have been out of school for quite a few years, had three children, been married, and divorced is a lot harder than I ever imagined. It takes hard work, dedication, and missing out on the little things previously taken for granted. I miss taking naps the most. I believe if you can tough it out through the worst days, you can finish school and provide a better life for your children and yourself. You need a lot of willpower and a large sense of humor. Set your alarm at least an hour before you really need to get out of the bed. If you set the alarm for an earlier hour you get to hit the snooze button few extra times. After the third hit, you should have awakened enough to actually rise out of the bed. Fix yourself a cup of coffee, sit on the sofa, and stare into space at least fifteen minutes, but no more than thirty. This gives you time to not think about all that you have to do today. Leave the sofa, go to the kitchen, and start breakfast for the children and yourself. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so fix a substantial meal to fuel the kids until lunchtime. Start preparing lunches, lay out the kid’s clothes for the day, pack their book bags, go to their rooms, and tell them to get up out of the bed. Run go flip the bacon and eggs. Put toast into the toaster, pour orange juice into glasses, and put finished lunches into book bags. Tell kids to get out of the bed again. Fix your second cup of coffee, take a sip, and go help the kids brush their teeth. Assist them with applying their toothpaste to their toothbrushes and not the sink, mirror, toilet, or their noses. Run back to the kitchen and turn off the smoking stove and fire alarms. After the kids have finished laughing at... ... middle of paper ... ...t, and shut the door. Start cleaning up. Wash the dishes, clean the kitchen, mop the bathroom floor, pickup toys from all around the house, and put a load of dirty clothes in the washing machine. Finish your homework, studying, and get yourself prepared for bed. Get a shower, brush your teeth, and collapse across the bed. Then jump back up, put the clothes in the dryer, set the coffee pot, and alarm clock. Get back into the bed and be asleep before your head lands on the pillow. If you take all of these steps you will survive at least one normal day in the life of a single parent going back to school. Continuing your education is hard work. It takes dedication, commitment, and making sacrifices. Remember, your family comes first, your education second, and if you have time for anything else, it comes third. Don’t give up and keep your sense of humor.
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