Global Warming is a Myth

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Picture this: Your freezer breaks down. The temperature inside the freezer rises. The ice cubes start to melt and turn into liquid. The freezer starts to flood because of all the liquid from the ice cubes. Now, imagine that your freezer is the Earth. What your freezer has just experienced is similar to what happens to the Earth during global warming. Those who believe in global warming warn that it causes a significant rise in temperature in the Earth's atmosphere and oceans, but after doing much research on the topic, I have discovered that the threat of global warming is a bogus one. If the Earth's atmosphere was truly rising in temperature, we would see a significant rise in ice sheets melting, just like the ice cubes melted, but that is not occurring. In saying that global warming is occurring, scientists are just exaggerating that fact.

First of all, ice sheets throughout the world are not significantly melting, though scientists exaggerate the fact that they are. If global warming was true, then a lot of ice sheets would melt and flood nearby countries. There is no evidence this is happening. For example, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in Antarctica has not started melting. Even NASA scientists have admitted that they exaggerated in saying that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet would melt and saying that the sea level is rising. After thoroughly studying the West Antarctic Ice sheet, scientists and researchers have found no evidence of any significant melting. Those who say global warming is true are merely exaggerating that fact.

Secondly, the temperature on Earth has barely risen. The average world temperature of late is nothing to get people to believe global warming is occurring. Temperature records in the pa...

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...might start up a global warming scare just so they can put the world in panic. And by the way, if someone really is doing that, they’re succeeding. Just because a majority of the people in the world believe that global warming is true doesn’t make it true. If you remember, back in the 14th or 15th century, everyone on Earth believed the world was flat. Well, it turns out they were all wrong. So just because almost everyone, including many political leaders, believe in global warming is no reason to say it is true. So the next time you see someone panicking about global warming, you can tell them that global warming is completely just a scare and not to worry. That way, the people of this world will not get fooled being concerned over something false. Instead, they can use more brain cells working on real problems, such as world hunger and a cure for cancer.

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