Global Warming Debunked

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A growing population in today's society is becoming more and more weary of this so-called global warming epidemic. Tactics such as propaganda, various styles of indoctrination, and surreptitiously instilling fear have been used to flood the minds of the gullible; not to mention utter deception. FOX 11 is home to an array controversial sitcoms. One show in particular, Family Guy, disputes vacillating whether or not global warming is factual or fraudulent. The deliberation of Family guy, along with other sitcoms, is to tap on heart-strings; exasperate; impose on engrained morals and values; all in an attempt to be comical. The episode Excellence in Broadcasting, brings forth the "unpopular" view-point, contrary to many enviro-drone's perception that global warming is a conglomerate of falsehoods and fabricated pseudo-science. Along with this science comes radical and unconstitutional legislation such as the cap-and-trade proposal. Seth McFarlen, producer of Family Guy, predominantly portrays a liberal ideological perspective on societal and personal issues. Uncharacteristically, Seth produced the episode Excellence in Broadcasting with a sporadic conservative tenor. In the first few minutes of the episode, Louis is shown reading a news paper; near the back of it she found a blip about Rush Limbaugh's book signing later that day. Brian overheard the comment; after criticizing and badmouthing Rush's credence regarding global warming; he left abruptly to confront him. After failing to insult Rush with his parrot-like accusations; he encouraged Brian to read his book and formulate his own opinion of him. From this it is certain that Brain's presumption and attitude toward politics directly mirrors the average consumer. The way he... ... middle of paper ... ...and-its-a-great-big-one/ 4. Barack Obama,"Remarks by the President at the Morning Plenary Session of the United Nations Climate Change Conference," White House Press Release, December 18, 2009. president-morning-plenary-session-united-nations-climate-change- conference 5. Maruice Strong,"What He Wants For The Middle Class," Rio Earth Summit. 1992. 6. Jay Heflin, 2010 Capitol Hill Publishing Corp,"Polls Find Stiff Resistance," June 3, 2010. finds-stiff-resistance-to-obesity-tax 7. Jones D., Watkins A., Braganza K., and Coughlan M.,"Great Global Warming Swindle: a critique,"(2007), Bull. Aust. Meteor. Ocean. Soc., 20(3), p.63-72

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how stewie refrained from killing santa after coming to a uniform agreement to use less. "the global warming epidemic" has been under the microscope for some time.
  • Analyzes rory, cooper, "cap and trade is a tax and it's a great big one," herritage.
  • Analyzes how a growing population in today's society is becoming weary of the so-called global warming epidemic.
  • Analyzes how the family guy episode, road to the north pole, depicts the cap-and-trade legislation and its alleged catalysts.
  • Analyzes how michelle obama's campaign against childhood obesity increased taxes on fast food and soft drinks onto the legislative agendas of local and state governments.
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