Global Warming

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Global warming extremists want us to believe that as global temperatures rise, so do chances of complete extinction of entire species. Natural disasters will become more common, whole continents could one day be under water, and death rates could be at an all time high. This may seem like a bad science fiction novel, but in some ways they might actually be right. At the very least global warming can and will effect humans living in nearly every region. From those living on the coast, to those living in the Artic plains no area of our planet is safe from global warming. Understanding that global warming is a reality, how it occurs, and what we can do to stop it is vital to the survival of every living creature on this planet.

Global warming, nearly everyone has heard the phrase but how many of us truly understand the processes that create and contribute to the warming of the Earth? It’s actually much simplier to understand than you might think. As radiation comes down from the sun it is absorbed by the Earth. Gases like water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane keep some of this radiation trapped in the atmosphere like a blanket increasing the temperature of the planet. This increase is more commonly referred to as greenhouse effect.

The theory of global warming originated in the late 1850's when scientist John Tyndall discovered some gases that block radiation, and trap heat on the earth surface. Just like a greenhouse. He suggested that these gasses could accumulate to the level that they could bring about climate change. After much interest and contribution to the theory from other scientists, sometime in the late 20's or early 30's interest in the subject was lost. In 1938 engineer and inventor Guy Stuart Callendar argued th...

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