Greenhouse Effect Essay

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According to Professor Mastrandrea the term global warming has been around for a long period of time. Back in the mid-1900s , humans were causing a lot of problems for climate change and none of that has changed since then , for example , starting fires or building gasoline engines. There are blueprints to global warming like, urgent deep reductions in carbon emissions, global reforestation efforts in semi-arid and drought affected regions and some of these have helped a diversity of nations but that doesn’t change the fact that global warming still occurs. All the unnecessary processes you can think of , have caused global warming , but people are still trying to prevent it (Mastrandrea). The Greenhouse Effect occurs when all of the heat is being trapped which involves elements like CH4, N2O, O3. But , the one thing that causes global warming is CO2 ( Schlosser). The society has to remember that not only the elements cause this change , critics are causing the climate change also. For example , fire is natural and beneficial but it can also cause the weather to change because it releases carbon monoxide , and all of that goes up into the atmosphere which can cause global change. Not only does it cause warm temperatures but it also disrupts ecosystems pushing those to extinction for those who can’t adapt. There is also the Greenhouse effect temperatures. They have been rising to about 0.8 degrees celsius. According to Dr. Schlosser , in the atmosphere, it returns about 30% of the energy in approaching sunlight and takes in about 30% at the same time. Some say that the only reason glaciers are melting is because of low evaporation and not hot temperatures. That is one of the reasons , but the other is because there is some mu... ... middle of paper ... ...round and not survive. Global warming has been going on for one to two centuries now. It has affected the earth a lot and not only that , it has also affected the air. Global warming has consequences as stated before , and it usually happens with solar and terrestrial radiation. Even though people believe that all of this is caused by humans. Scientists believe that global warming was going to be caused by sickness or in other words by diseases but it turns out that they were wrong. Not everyone believes that global weather is a bad thing but they just haven’t realized how bad it has affected us. As long as global warming is around the temperatures will keep on rising, animals will keep on decreasing, and the atmosphere will keep on trapping heat. That’s what global warming is all about. It’s all about warming up the atmosphere and affecting those around them.

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