Global Warming

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Global Warming and The Environment

Global warming is a term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and its oceans (All About Global Warming, 2007, para.1). There is no doubt this is an important matter that will impact planet earth for many years to come. Global warming is a critical issue that impacts the entire world and the potential consequences caused by it will have a negative impact if human contribution is not reduced. Although many people disagree with the causes and outcomes, there is certainly enough information available to support the argument.

At this time, global warming is said to be a crisis with carbon and emissions of Co2 being made out to be the culprit (Turpin, 2007, p.30). These are just two of the multiple human contributions that add to the cause. The relationship between human effect and the significant impact on the environment are in relation with the respect to global warming. It is not necessarily the human need or desire to drive gas guzzling vehicles, littering the earth, or to cut down precious trees to destroy the environment, but the need of those on earth to be wasteful and destructive.

Another factor to consider in the contribution is that livestock are also responsible for 18% of green house gas (methane and nitrous oxide) world wide ? more then all the planes, trains and automobiles on the planet (Turpin, 2007, p30).

In addition to the natural causes of global warming, humans also play a significant part in the contribution. Although little can be done to reverse the damage that is already apparent, there are many habits that can be changed by those living on this earth to slow down the process, outside of the natural causes.

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