Global Stricing Strategy: Walmart's Global Marketing Strategy

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Walmart is the world’s largest retailer. Its revenue was considered as GDP it would be 23 countries ahead of Sweden. Walmart has 4 different segments Walmart stores, Sam’s club, international, and other private labels. Walmart has great strengths like efficient supply chain cross docking and inventory management, service innovation, strong penetration and is the world’s largest private satellite communication system. With every company they also have weakness like poor public image, unable to adapt internationally and strict labor laws. Walmart have come across some great opportunities over the years. They have opportunities like globalization in the middle class globally, e-business and inorganic growth leading to consolidation. They have also encounter some threats…show more content…
Walmart needed high levels of growth to continue to survive and saturation of domestic market. Global retail expansion has attracted many large-sized companies with targets to increase business profits and market share. Global expansion not only attracts large organizations but also small to medium-sized companies, companies new to international expansion, as well as those who are already expanding in the international arena. However, there are also well-known retailers who failed in their expansion in certain global markets due to regulatory, legal and cultural challenges, competition, and attempting to change local shopping behavior. The lower pricing strategy was their basic strategy to expand Walmart’s philosophy, “Every Day Low Price” to all parts of the world. The only challenge was the distribution system; the company had given in to union demands from the state-run. Walmart was not influenced. The marketing strategies still involved huge discounts and great values on all of their products, similar to strategies in their home country: maintaining low prices every day, especially middle-class customers, yet maintaining profits. They also suggested

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