Global Inequality Essay

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Global inequality has been rising significantly around world. Some countries achieved rapid growth, while some others did not. Not only across the countries, inequality is also exist among groups in the economy. Even, the world biggest economies included in G20 are now the home of half of the world’s poor people (G20 2014). Many economist debates about the underlying drivers and solutions. The deterioration effect of globalization, technological change, and even intergenerational process has been pointed as the causes of inequality. This paper will discuss the improvement on access to education to reduce global inequality caused by the skill gaps of labours.
The paper will be organized into three sections: (1) rationalization of G20 action to address inequality, (2) proposing the action to address income equality
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High rates of out of school children in poor countries is potentially make the inequality problem become worse in the future. For example, UNICEF (2015) predict that in 2030, the total of 233 million children in West and Central Africa need to be enrolled in basic education, which represents 158 million additional to 2012. The international project in improving education of poor countries can help them to improve their future human capital. International transfers like aids or loans can be the means of international income redistributions.
Moving capital to poor countries needs a strong collaboration in G20 countries to work. The group need to make decisions about the share and form of the transfer, and also which institution will handle the project. Currently, there are many proposals made by The World Bank, UNICEF, IMF, and other institutions in improving educations across the world. The group countries need to do a comprehensive assessment to choose the best option that have the greater impact on reducing
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