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Global Communications Paper This paper will begin with an overview of Global Communications present situation. This will be followed by Global Communications Leadership team’s plan for economic recovery. The author will then present a situation analysis that will include issues and opportunities identification and stakeholder’s perspectives. Then Global Communications end state goals will be presented, followed by a gap analysis definition and the conclusion. Overview Global Communications is a telecommunications company who along with many others are struggling to stay in business. Their stock price has dropped over 50% in the last three years. A major problem afflicting this industry is competition between local, long distance, and international markets; they are all fighting for the same market share. Another problem is the entrance of cable companies into the industry offering packages that include telecommunication options along with services for computers and televisions. Global Communications senior leadership plan The leader senior leadership team of Global Communications has developed a two part plan to grow the business. The following is their plan: First, they plan to realize growth through the introduction of new services, primarily to its small business and consumer customers, who will now be served in both local and long-distance markets across the country. To compete with the local telephone and cable companies, Global has created alliances with a satellite provider to offer video services as well as a satellite version of broadband. Partnership with a wireless provider will allow the small business owner anytime Internet access using wireless telephone or PC cards. Even company information hosted in mainfr... ... middle of paper ... ...s headed is important to maintain employee loyalty. Union Leaders / Union Employees They feel they gave concessions in last contract to try to insure job security and company loyalty. The Union leaders feel like Global Communications is now trying to under cut them again by outsourcing work to India or Ireland. The Board/Stockholders Company growth and direction The consumer Interest would be limited to pricing, product, services, demand. Consumers want quality product at a reasonable price. Table 3 End State Goals End-State Goals Lower operating costs = improve profit Become a Global company = be competitive in world market within three years Introduce services to increase market share • Use alliances (video and broadband) • Partner with wireless provider • Provide cutting edge solutions at right price Outsource non-critical activities offshore

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