Girl Talk Breaks Down Communication Barriers

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It’s common knowledge that women are more creative at building social networks and breaking down communication barriers. In fact, though women’s mode of communication has often been dismissed as ‘girl talk,’ such skills can go a long way in the business and office setting. How come? Studies suggest that this unique form of interrelating with friends and peers that’s unique to women results in positive effects because it focuses on intimacy. Since the modern business environment is built upon complex human networks where ‘face time’ and ‘connecting’ are essential to success and opportunity, the business woman’s ability to communicate with peers and superiors alike can be a boost to her career. Simply put, female employees—and even executives—can build stronger bonds than their male counterparts by engaging in age old “troubles talk” As its name suggest, troubles talk is to share your worries with a sympathetic counterpart. At its essence, troubles talk is girl talk. It’s all about connecting and empathy, devoid of the cold logic that governs men’s thinking. Consider it a soft but ...
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