German Expansionism Essay

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Germany’s fast and rapid growing expansionism led to many great things for their country, including answering the question of what their Identity is, economic boom that the country had never seen, and power the country had never had before. With all these great changes Germany was experiencing, one thing that came with it was a continuous desire for more power. These factors added together had only one conclusion, and that was war.
With Germany becoming one unified nation-state and the creation of a new identity; Germany was now able to compete with other European powers. In Germany’s search for identity they fought in wars led by Prussian parliament member Otto von Bismarck, who led Germany to become united as one. With Bismarck’s success
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Germans had found a new form of patriotism that led to a want for power and a new notion of German Superiority. Bismarck succeeded in making Germany a great nation, but did so with an authoritarian rule that led to more and more problems. After Bismarck’s dismissal, William II came into power whose desire for Germany to become a world power was much greater and dangerous. William II managed to grow tensions with the other major European powers that surrounded it, this led to distrust with the nation and an arms race with the Allied Powers. Germany’s fast and growing expansionism led the country to wanting more and more power, these factors combined guided the country to war in 1914.
Expansionism was a big factor that led the country towards war, but there were other factors like cultural and socio-political beliefs that helped with the path to war. Germany’s desire to become a unified country had been a problem they were
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Germany’s new identity was a huge step in the country becoming one nation, but it also made the country dangerous. Germany’s will to gain more power got the attention of other great nations, who started watching Germany. Germany’s increase in military power and industrial expansion started to become a threat with other countries that feared Germany would gain too much power. For Germany to continue their quest for power they had no choice but to go to war. Germany’s rise to become a great nation through expansion was a tough battle for the country. After all the hardships they went through, when Germany achieved in becoming a nation as one, they were ready to do anything to expand their power and advance European

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