George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Animal Farm was written by George Orwell. The purpose of the book was to mock the Communist state of Russia. The genera of the book is Political Science and Political Fiction ( if there are those genera), because it deals with the world of 1947 politics mixed in with fictional characters (animals) that talk. The target audience of this book is age 12 and up or anyone that can understand world political issues. The book was not hard to read, in fact it was a very direct book. There was one problem about the book, it was hard to identify who was the narrator of the book. Besides that, it is a excellent book.
Life on “Manor Farm” was not the greatest for the animals. The conditions were very harsh. The animals would go days without eating. Then one day after all the cruel conditions Mr. Jones had put them throught, they start a rebellion against him and his men. And the animals win. They start off their own farm. Thus changing the name of the farm from “Manor Farm” to “Animal Farm”. To guide them are three pigs; Squealer, Snowball and Napoleon. The pigs use of their intelligence causes them to be the dictating animal . Napoleon rids Snowball because of their differences. The rule of Comrade Napoleon was harsher than Mr. Jones. The animals faced shortages in food and long work hours. But the superior pigs keep saying “Do you want Jones to comeback ?”And that would shut the complaining of the animals. Many years later, the pigs invite the humans on their farm and they have a feast. As Clover was staring at the bunch she looked and looked and she couldn’t tell the difference between man and pigs (there is so much that is happening, I can’t explain it all in a one paragraph, Read the book).
The characters that had a larger effect on the overall aspect of the book would be; Boxer, Squealer, Napoleon, and Snowball. Boxer is a horse, very dedicate in his cause in building the windmill. Which is ironic because he dies by over exertion in building the windmill. Boxer favorite two lines are, “I will work harder” and “Napoleon is always right”. Squealer is a pig. He is the “P.R.” for Napoleon, explaining a bunch of mumbo jumbo to the dumb animals. And the animals would believe him because they can’t understand a word that he is saying.
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