George Handel

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George Handel is among the greatest Baroque composers, and is recognized for his famous English oratories, which is essentially an opera lacking the scenery and costumes. Writing exquisite scores for instruments, combining the musical traditions of Italian, French, English and German to compose his own compositions, and a master of Italian-styles operas, Handel had a talent to unify a rich diversity of sounds that are still relished today (Handel Life and Music). He was born in Halle, Germany on February 23,1685 (George Handel). The elements of his life, the styles he used, and what he composed are all intriguing aspects of this famous composer and musician’s life.
Interestingly, this famous baroque music composer’s father objected to Handel’s desire to study music. His father didn’t believe that music was even a realistic source of income. However, his mother was more supportive, and urged him to expand and improve his musical talent. At seven, Handel had the prospect to play the organ for the duke’s court in Weissenfels (George Handel). There, he met a composer and organist who was greatly impressed with Handel’s potential and invited him to become his pupil. Moreover, At the age of ten, he mastered composing for the oboe, violin, and organ. Regardless of the devotion to his music, Handel had primarily agreed to study law at his father’s insistence. Yet, unsurprisingly, he didn’t linger in law courses for long after his father died in 1703. The passion he had for music would not be suppressed (George Friedrich Handel).
Extensive travels around Europe significantly improved his skills as a musician an composer, particularly the years he spent in Italy. He was exposed to the best of oratorio, chamber cantata, opera, and instrum...

... middle of paper ... famous Messiah, and others which are still enjoyed today (Cudworth). His life, the styles he used, and what he composed are all parts of his fascinating history. Regardless that his desire to study music was discouraged, George Handel is today known throughout the world for his magnificent music compositions.

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