Gender Roles, Gender, And Transgender Issues

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Gender Roles, Gender Stereotypes, and Transgender issues The topic of this annotated bibliography is gender roles, gender stereotypes, and transgender issues in our society and other cultures as well. I chose this topic because I feel that people should get a better understanding of it. Some people may be a little closed minded when it comes to what roles should be assigned to each gender. So hopefully this can help people keep an open mind This paper will also go over a few subtopics that falls within gender roles such as, femininity/feminism, masculinity, transgender issues, sexual orientation, etc. Finding the right database to use was a little bit tricky. When I used IUCAT I got over 9,000+ results. After I looked under the “Books” sections I still had over 8,000+ results. I ended up having to keep narrowing my search to find the right material. The easiest database to use was A-Z: Credo reference. I was able to find a few articles I needed on the first page alone. On A-Z Gale however, I couldn 't find many articles for my topic. The search strings I used were “gender roles”, “gender stereotypes”, and “transgender” to find the articles that I needed. Eagly. "Gender Roles." Encyclopedia of Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, edited by Levine , John M. and Michael A. Hogg, Sage Publications, 2009. Credo Reference, Accessed 28 Jul 2016. Eagly goes into detail about the concept of gender roles, gender stereotypes, the impacts gender roles have on individuals and society, the origins of gender roles, deviation of gender roles, and lastly gender roles and self concept. ... ... middle of paper ... ...Reference, Accessed 10 Aug 2016. In Ruspini 's article he explains what transgender means. They first describe it as a person who in interested in acquiring some of the physical characters that the opposite sex has. These people have a desire to express themselves in different behaviors and in interpersonal relations where their feelings are apart from their anatomical structures and they don 't plan to make any physical alterations to their own body. Later on they describe it as individuals who shows different behaviors from what considered to be socially appropriate for their own gender. It basically refers all identities that combine socially constructed sex/gender boundaries. Unfortunately, transgender males and females face a lot of discrimination.
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