Gender Identity

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Gender Identity is strong topic that many discuss in day to day living. It’s important to understand that gender identity has three different terms according to A lot of people have many different opinions about gender identity. You’re probably thinking There is only two genders in this world male and female. I too, believe that there are only two genders in this world and that people are born straight. I stepped out of my comfort zone to provide information necessary to support others believes in gender identity. In this essay, I will be explaining how gender identity affects children and adolescents, and how they affect the family members and relatives. There are multiple things that effect family members and children…show more content…
Females are to wear pink and play with dolls. As females grow from girls to women. They are suppose to clean, cook, do laundry, and anything their husbands ask them to do. They have the ‘okay’ to show emotions on how they feel about something and not get picked on it. As where boys, they are not allowed to wear pink or play with dolls. They are to wear blue and play with monster trucks or play in the dirt. They are not typically allowed to show emotions. When little boys grow up to be men, they are suppose to go to work, pay the bills, and they typically want their supper on a plate ready when they get home. In the article, “How Boys Become Men” Katz proclaims in his article, “More than anything else, boys are supposed to learn how to handle themselves.” Meaning, they are not allowed to show emotions to other kids not even to their own parents. They are just supposed to ‘handle’ themselves. How does a little kid just handle themselves and not show emotions? “Women’s looks matter terribly in this society, and so Barbie, however ambivalently, must be passed along.” Stated in the article “Why boys Don’t Play with Dolls” written by Pollitt. I must strongly agree with this remark. They do everything you watch on a TV ad shows women with makeup and being tall and skinny. Children are grown up to believe that there is a certain way of things boys and girls can do. Well, simply they both can do both roles. In todays society we must look pass the social norms of each gender to become more informed of how each individual would like to be viewed

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