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Society’s gender infrastructure has changed since the 1920’s and the nineteen amendment that allowed women the right to vote. Or so we thought, many of the gender expectations that were engraved into our early society still remain intact today. Women for many people still mean an immaterial, negligible, and frivolous part of our society. However, whatever the meaning of the word women one has, the same picture is always painted; that of a housewife, mother, and daughter. Women are expected to fallow the structural identity of living under her husband 's submissions. Threatening the social norm of what is accepted to be a woman in society can put in jeopardy the personal reputation of a woman, such treating her as a whore. But, what happens…show more content…
She is expected to live under the shadows of her husband commands and seize the stereotype of "the ideal housewife." A women’s identity is define by the idea of her gender and the internal forces that force her to fallow this notion. In many cases, the simple idea of pursuing a political career causes dismay in society. However, in order for a woman to achieve a level of equality that is just, there must be a change in the infrastructure of the women’s role, politically, and economically. In the article “Autonomy and the Struggle for Female Identity: Implications for Counseling Women,” McBride strongly declares, “Much of the feminist literature over the last 20 years has focused on the injustices done to women in our society, the need to validate women for their differences from men, and the need to move toward equality politically, economically, and socially ” (McBride 22). McBride concurs with the idea of providing women a place in society to encourage social acceptance in their work, and help them shape their own positive identity in their respective fields (22). This is not an issue that has risen in our society recently, but is an issue that we have taken for granted, and seen as a normal aspect of a women’s

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