Gender Discrimination In Sports Essay

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Today sports have been an influential stepping stone in the history of the United States. Sports today are free for anyone to play and enjoy. America is also as free as ever and people of all genders are allowed to become what they want. Participation in sports provides people of different races and sexes the opportunity to cooperate and compete against each other. Sports may and can lead to improved health, higher self-esteem, and an improved view on gender equality. As many know, females have participated in sports in lesser numbers than their male peers. As more females began to participate in sports, society has become more accepting of females’ participation in sports. The opportunity to benefit from participation in sports should exist…show more content…
It builds character and promote equality between the two genders. The purpose of sports should be educational. It should contribute to the overall learning experience that life presents. Major factors for sports is physical dominance. The main focus was set on men as they were viewed as the more physically dominant gender. Ignoring the doubts they had pinned against them, females started to make small baby steps towards the opportunities they have been granted today. They are still discriminated however, but with female development in athletics gender discrimination is a dying colloquy. Females are still developing a large following of supporters to this day. With the passing of laws such as Title IX, female athletics are stronger than ever and continue to grow everyday. Modern sports have seen the development of highly popular female athletes in historically famous male sports. Title IX has provided women with athletics in a non-discriminatory way. Females are now provided with the same opportunities as their male counterparts. Many differences have appeared throughout the upbringing of gender equality in the United States. Today those differences have been settled and both genders have moved on from their historically discriminatory behaviors towards one another. Their is no longer a superior gender, male superiority, or female inferiority. All genders are equal because both now have the same opportunities as each other. Gender discrimination is no longer a continued discussion in today’s
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