Analysis Of Why Schools Are Failing Our Boys

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In the Washington post the essay “Why Schools Are Failing Our Boys” relates to the study of the “boy problem” Fink’s concern is that boys have a harder time in school causing them to drop out or not to go on to college. I agree with Fink’s concern because of the mistreatment of genders and the pressure put on students as a whole. Based on class readings it has been illustrated that throughout history boys felt as though school made them feel less masculine. From what I have personally seen in school, boys are constantly being told to “man up”. I feel as though boys are expected to act a certain way and all students are expected to conform to a certain type of learning. Fink’s truthful experience through her son is an accurate model on how…show more content…
When a girl broke the rules she would get a serious talk, but if a boy were to do the same thing he would get yelled at in front of his class. This is a humiliating for any student and it creates a dislike for the teacher and the school. Boys always were always pressured to appear strong by not crying if their feelings because they had the impression that men don’t cry. The boys that got yelled at for breaking the rules and not sitting in class were the boys that ended up not being able to graduate with me. A number of the boys still are not in college. I agree with Fink that boys are automatically viewed as troublesome for not being able to conform to the rules of the class but in reality the student should be approached with a different teaching…show more content…
To Deborah Brake, Title IX caused a problem in school sports. This federal law Prohibits discrimination based off a persons sex. She discussed how to equalize school sports considering the physical differences in males and females. There are two different viewpoints on this issue. Some people simply think there can be gender integrated sports while others think gender segregated sports are better. Deborah Brake explained arguments for and against segregated sports teams. Some of the concepts brought up for having gender integrated sports teams is that having separate sports teams would send out a message that women are less than men. Integrated sports teams accommodate both genders abilities. Giving women an equal opportunity to play against men will change the norm of women in sports and this can be seen as better because both genders will truly be viewed as equals. Women will also have more opportunities to play various sports that are only exclusive to men such as football and
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