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A gear is a wheel with a teeth around its edges. The teeth on the gear prevents slippage and determines the ratio of a gear. The idea of a gear is to transmit rotary motion and force. The first gear was in invented by Archimedes. Archimedes was a mathematician and inventor. He used gears for making catapults and devices that raises water. Blasie Pascal is widely famous for developments in the fields of geometry, physics and computer science. One of his invention he is famous for the mechanical calculator or the “Pascaline”. The Pascaline had a one-tooth gear with a ten-tooth gear. This make the one tooth gear to turn ten revolutions, for the ten-tooth gear to rotate once. Leonardo da Vinci another mathematician, inventor and artist has created many things with gears. One of many inventions Leonardo da Vinci created was the “Flywheel”. The purpose was, to deliver a smooth power delivery to a motor. The flywheel allowed rotary motion into see-saw motion. The flywheel was created with a heavy wheel and rotating shaft connecting to it. Leonardo da Vinci also worked on a system for lifting heavy loads that uses the worm gear, or what he called the “endless screw”. Today in the modern world there are many different varieties of gears to accomplish different tasks. The most common gear is called “Spur”. Spur gears have straight teeth, and are mounted on parallel shafts. Spur gears are most commonly used in electric screw driver, windup clocks, washing machine and oscillating sprinkler. Helical gears are more silent and operates smoothly than the spur gears. Helical gears are cut at an angle to the face of the gear. The helical gears are most commonly found in car transmissions. Bevel gears are best for changing the direction of ... ... middle of paper ... ...s designed by Augustus Webly Northmore Pugin, and built in 1858-1859. It stands 316 feet high, weighs almost 14 tons, and each clocks are 23 feet in diameter Big Ben is an enormous clock tower that also function as alarm clock. The main purpose of Big Ben is to broadcast the dawn of New Year in England and tell when every hour has pass by. Big Ben is compose of three enormous gear trains, the third gear train is used for the ringing the bell. There are four clocks on Big Ben, one for each side. The clocks are mainly made out spur gears and bevel gears, just like the clocks Levi Hutchins has created. The clocks gets it power from the motion of a two pendulums. The pendulums would swings perpendicular from one another, so one pendulum would move horizontally while the other pendulum would move vertically. This allows all four of the clocks to simultaneously move.

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