Gays in the Military

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The subject of Gays in the military has been debated over many times by many people. When dealing with whether or not gays should be allowed in the military the simple question of, Do they want to be in the military?, must be answered. After this question is answered you can begin analyzing the problem. The answer to the question, Do gays want to be in the military?, is an unquestioned yes. Gays would be proud and determined to protect this beautiful country in which we live. I personally am confused as to why there is even a question of whether or not gays should be allowed to protect and die for a country they love. I do understand however the question of where should they live, both in the field and at their home base. It is hard for a man or women to get undressed in front of someone of the same sex, that may be looking at them with different eyes. When I say different eyes I mean a man looking at a man and thinking,” wow he’s cute”, or a women looking at a women and thinking the same thing. It would be very awkward for non-gay soldiers to deal with this problem. I believe that segregating gays from straight people is as fundamental as segregating men and women. If the gay and straight people’s living quarters are integrated then what about men and women’s living quarters, are they to be integrated too? I don’t see any arguments about that, it seems that the separation of man and women has become such an integral part of our society that we have come to take as a norm. ...

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