Fundamentals of Software Engineering

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Fundamentals of Software Engineering Introduction: The first usage of term 'software engineering' was in 1968 at a meeting held to discuss the issue that was called software crisis at that time. This crisis was the basic reason to develop a new concept which was called later software engineering. Software systems that were developed before applying the software engineering concepts were not appropriate enough for customers and companies. As a result, software engineering has taken a place in developing large systems. The purpose of applying software engineering approaches is to develop new software systems without any drawbacks. (Sommervile, 2006) The purpose of writing this essay is expressing the fundamentals of software engineering in the developing software environment; also explaining the importance of this kind of science in computing aspects; another point in this study is to identify the measures which help developers to release a successful products. This essay will outline some basics that are related to software engineering science; this essay explains some definitions of software engineering and the reasons that have made software engineers care about using some approaches to deal with developing software. Moreover, this essay will describe the roles that should be taken by software engineers and describe the most important model that has been used to develop software. - The definition of software engineering: Sommervile says "software engineering is an engineering discipline which is concerned with all aspects of software production". (Sommervile, 2006) Yingxu (2008) says: Software engineering is a discipline that adopts eng... ... middle of paper ... Mall, R. (2004). Fundamentals of Software Engineering. New Delhi: Prentice-Hall of India Privte Limited. ModelTheEvolutionary. (2010, july 17). models_evolution_frame. Retrieved july 17, 2010, from Complete internet services, web site design: Sommervile, I. (2006). Software engineering. Edinburgh: Pearson Education Limited. Tony. (2007, April 10). Educational flaws: Programming with the Waterfall Model. Retrieved july 18, 2010, from CompSci: Wikipedia. (2010 , July 25 ). Software_engineer. Retrieved july 30, 2010, from Wikipedia: Yingxu, W. (2008). Software engineering foudations:a software science perspective. New York: Auerbach.
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