Functionalism: Wealth And Society

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The world is a very complex system with over a 100 diverse cultures and norms. Religion, wealth, poverty, and political diversity pull us apart. Since the beginning of time humans were never similar for a purpose. What if we try? Try to find our differences more alike in ways we never thought of. What will happen when these views and perspectives coincides with one another? Functionalism believes that society needs a system to work. Everything that goes on in a society gives balance to the world. Therefore, wealth will be a massive gear that turn a well oil machine. Wealth is a necessity to the economy and society. A person who has climb the ladder of wealth will be more respect. They believe that if you can acquire the skill set to do the…show more content…
David Émile Durkheim believe that society is divided by labor. An individual can do one task while a collective can do many. Ferdinand Tönnies believed that society was simply divided into two part a “close-knit community” (Gemeinschaft) and “mass society” (Gesellschaft). Lenski did not view the world as Durkheim and Tönnies did. He does not see society as opposites of one another. He views society as a living breathing thing that grows and changes over a period of time. Recently, role conflict has been a constant troll on the backs of people. Women are more afflicted than men in today times. Women have always had a continuous role about being the mother, housekeeper and etc. If a woman goes against these role society frowns upon her. Resulting in low self-esteem, low confidence, and role conflict. For example, Hillary Clinton is running for president. The first female president, society frown upon the role switch and essentially hate her and everything she stands for. While they are not trying to hear what she has to say they disrespect and detest her. She will deal with roles being switch from first lady to president while her will take a seat behind her. How will she treat the men who were in a disagreement with her? Will she give women more respect than

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