Gender Discrimination in Emergency Medical Services

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Gender Discrimination in Emergency Medical Services *No Works Cited The tones go off, there is a scramble for shirts, ties, and boots. Dispatch announces a motor vehicle accident five blocks away. EMTs and Paramedics climb into ambulances. Police are reporting multiple personal injuries. There is a rush of adrenaline through all those involved. The street comes alive with flashing red and white lights and screaming sirens. Ambulances tear down the street to the accident scene. They arrive to find four cars involved in a high-speed collision. There are seven people involved in this particular accident. Additional trucks are requested and the original scene repeats itself as three more teams join the first two at the scene. Emergency personnel work to disentangle patients from the wreckage of the vehicles. One patient is in full traumatic arrest. Three emergency medical workers operate together to intubate the patient and start IVs while they perform CPR and set up the defibrillator, while simultaneously searching for the patients identification. The team lifts the patient into the back of the ambulance, and while still compressing the patient's chest, breathing for the patient, administering medications, and defibrillating all in an effort to help this patient avoid death, they speed off to the hospital. The EMTs and paramedics in the back of the ambulance continue their efforts enroute to the hospital while the ambulance ricochets off bumps and the workers are bounced all around the back of the vehicle. They finally arrive at the facility where one of the members of the team tells the triage nurse what is happening. They take the patient into a trauma room and lift the patient from their stretcher to the hos... ... middle of paper ... ...was not wearing his. He replied that if anything were to happen, his job as the male crewmember would be to throw himself between my body and the windshield to prevent injury to me. Just in case you are not familiar with the rules of ambulance driving, that is absolutely not true! Men have always seen themselves as being in a protective role towards women. That is apparent in the home as well as in the workplace. In today's society women hold top positions within large corporations. The boundaries between women and men are much less restricting than they were years ago. Women have had to work very hard to gain the respect of their male counterparts. It is an ongoing struggle in the corporate world, in academia, and in the professional world. The glass ceiling of the past has been raised, but it will still be some time before it is completely broken.

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