Functionalism Vs Conflict Theory Essay

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Functionalism VS Conflict Theory Frenchman, Emile Durkheim, would argue that functions are parts coming together to form a society and that inequality is needed in order for a society to function properly. Compared to Karl Marx, who believes that groups compete for social and economic resources. Therefore, functionalism focuses on how people come together meanwhile, conflict theory is when there is manipulation by superior groups. Functionalism believes that for a society to run smoothly it must have functions. Stating that some jobs hold more importance than other jobs and that those jobs require more education than others. Also, that not everyone can have the skills to have an important job. Therefore implying that inequality is needed in …show more content…

One of the major differences is that functionalist believe that in order for a society to function it must have specific roles. Roles that bring the society together and that inequality is needed for the good of the society. Because without inequality everything would not flow the way it is now. So conflict theory believes that those who hold the most power rule over those with no power and that, that is not far nor needed for a society to function properly. Also conflict theory does not emphasize the importance of having more power over those who do not have any. Those with the least power should also be recognized for their tribute to the society. For example a garbage man does not get paid as much as a doctor and they both contribute to the society. The garbage man plays a large role in the society if no one was willing to do that job. The city would be filthy and unsanitized. There would be trash all over the street, making the city have a foul odor. But, also the doctors play an important role to society because they help people with their well being and to live a longer and healthier life. From a conflict theory’s perspective these two employees both deserve the same amount of respect and praise. They should not look at how much someone is getting paid or who got more

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