Full Speed Ahead!

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I utterly support projects that will improve my community. The residents of Hamburg, a town in northern Berks county, are fortunate enough to be undergoing many improvements. These individuals established the Our Town Foundation which is assists in financing restoration projects all over town. Mostly the foundation's focus is on storefronts and residential homes. All of these projects are a great improvement to the semblance of the community and until recently, none of these restorations are a burden to the residents. The Our Town Foundation is presently overseeing the revitalizing of the Hamburg-Tilden Bridge. With all the information about bridge collapses circulating through the media within the past few years, the residents of Hamburg and Tilden are happy to have the bridge renovated. According to the notices posted around the bridge, the estimated time until the project will be complete is one year. We are approaching the one year deadline and the bridge is nowhere near completion. The excessive time to complete the repairs on the Hamburg-Tilden Bridge is directly causing local businesses to lose revenue, extend commutes for residents, and increase costs to anyone who drives near Hamburg or Tilden. The Hamburg-Tilden bridge was built in the early 1900's and has gone without repair through the millennium. In 1990, the bridge was deemed “structurally deficient” yet commuters still traveled the bridge, totaling around 12,100 vehicles passed over the bridge daily (Park). Another ten years later, upon further inspection, more deficiencies were found with the bridge, and still no repairs were made (Park). Finally in 2009, the bridge was closed and the construction work began. This closing makes residents feel like the gateway ... ... middle of paper ... ...y.gov. United States Environmental Protection Agency, 20 July 2010. Web. 23 July 2010. "Hamburg, Pennsylvania Profile." Stats about All US Cities. Onboard Informatics, 2008. Web. 21 July 2010. Madera, Christopher. Personal interview. 22 July 2010. Park, Michelle. "Bridge Linking Hamburg and Tilden Township to Close for Repairs." Reading Eagle Newspaper. Reading Eagle Press, 9 Aug. 2009. Web. 23 July 2010. Park, Michelle. "Hamburg Bridge Closing Affects Tilden Township Nursery Business." Reading Eagle Newspaper. Reading Eagle Press, 24 Sept. 2009. Web. 21 July 2010. "Second Street Redevelopment Project." Berks County Redevelopment Authority Office. 8 July 2010. Web. 23 July 2010. "Should I Shut Off the Motor When Idling My Car?" Consumer Energy Center. California Energy Commission, 2009. Web. 22 July 2010. Westley, Hannah. Personal interview. 22 July 2010.

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