Frozen: Elsa´s Point of View

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It had started when her parents had died. She didn’t know exactly when she had first saw her, or how their first meeting went but she did know it was the same week her parents died and she didn’t think much of it until someone asked why she was speaking to herself.
At the time she had been sitting on one of the many seats situated around the library and Anna had been sitting on the one opposite her, directly in front of the door and in full view of the servant that had come in.
She had brushed it off, saying that she was just puzzling over something and needed to go over the facts – but out loud. The young boy hadn’t looked like he’d believed her, as soon as she’d dismissed him he’d scurried out without a look back, he was so scared in fact that he’d dropped the paper the message had been written on before he’d had the chance to hand it to her probably.
That was when Elsa had asked the other girl, the one that the servant hadn’t been able to see, why he didn’t know she was there. Anna had shrugged and had said some noncommittal comment about the boy not being the right kind and then had hurriedly switched the topic to the weather, saying how nice it was to be snowing.
Elsa had shrugged, to busy thinking about how the boy hadn’t seen someone that was almost as old as she was when she was right in front of him only to be interrupted by a warm hand gently squeezing hers.
“It’s fine, Elsa. You’re just special.”
They didn’t talk about the incident again.

When she had locked herself in her room when she’d almost lost control of her powers Anna had also been there. She had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, just as she always did, and had told Elsa to snap out of it and stop worrying about it so much.
“There’s only so much damage yo...

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...most knocked down with was enough to know that the decision had been the right one.
Maybe they might even be able to find someone who could see Anna to.

It didn’t take long for her to think back on her decision about Anna; it was when she was standing before an entire crowd of people, all dancing and having fun. One of them, the Duke of someplace, had asked her to dance and her first instinct was to offer Anna up as a replacement for herself. The sentence had just started to cross her lips when she remembered.
Anna shouldn’t exist, couldn’t exist, but here she was, standing behind her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder with a touch akin to fire, while making some joke about his title. And for once Elsa didn’t mind if she was going mad, because if this was what it felt like, like home and comfort and having someone to share something with, she welcomed it.

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