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For a long time i hated my friends, to a point that our friendship seemed like it would never happen and was a nonexistent thing. I use the term hate lightly, but it seems more appropriate than the word strongly dislike. There was a point in time where my friends had hurt me severely, they weren’t considered friends back then because we were just school acquaintances. But as the year progressed a friend resurrected our friendship, and now they are my best friends….. quite ironic considering the people i hated the most have become my greatest friends. The decision that i really don’t regret to this day that i believe was right, was i choose to forgive and become friends with those who wronged me. Several things occurred to alter my mind like the reason i hated them was idiotic, finding a common interest reunited us, and all in all they did actually care.
First of all, the reason i “strongly disliked” these people was because they teased me too much and i was never one to tolerate extensive amount of teasing. For instance, they would always make fun of my weight and exaggerate ...

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