Communication and Friendship

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The movie being analyzed is the Sandlot. The relationship between the two main characters is a friendship, which begins with one boy who is desperate for friends and another who is searching for The Sandlot’s last teammate. The friendship between Benny and Small’s is an accurate depiction of the development of friendship in real life. In the movie, Scotty Smalls (Smalls) moves to a new neighborhood. One of his new neighbors happens to be the best baseball player in the neighborhood, Benny, who eventually teaches Smalls how to catch and throw so that the team has a ninth player. What begins as filling a baseball position eventually leads to a strong bond between the two main characters. Throughout the summer, the team plays baseball, goes swimming, plays baseball, goes to the fair, and plays baseball. A dog known as “The Beast” lives behind the fence of The Sandlot. The Beast is said to have eaten every baseball and person that has ever been on the other side of that fence, so when the boys hit Small’s stepfather’s signed baseball over the fence, they have to come together to retrieve the baseball. In the movie The Sandlot, directed by David M. Evans, the development of the friendship between Scott Smalls and Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez is conveyed through their communication. The Sandlot shows the progression of a friendship and the importance of communication to help a friendship flourish. Smalls is a kid who likes science and knows little to nothing about baseball. When Small’s new stepfather fails to teach Smalls how to play catch, Smalls seeks acceptance from the Sandlot crew. When Smalls first waves at Benny, he receives only a nod back because he is the new kid in the neighborhood. According to Mandal and Fratik Baran, Be... ... middle of paper ... ... friendship because those boys needed each other. They changed each other’s lives. Benny and Small’s friendship is an accurate representation of real life. The way that boys communicate with each other is accurately portrayed in The Sandlot. For boys during the summer it is all about play sports and hanging out with friends. The only thing that was standing in the Sandlot boy’s way was the fact that they were down a player. So just like any other team, the captain, Benny, went out to fill the last spot. In the end creating a friendship that would last forever. This would result in the revelation that this friendship would remain timeless. Works Cited Adler, R. B., Rosenfeld, L. B., & Proctor, R. F. (2013). Interplay The Prrocess of Interpersonal Communication. New York: Oxford University Press, Inc. Evans, D. M. (Director). (1993). The Sandlot [Motion Picture].

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