French Fascination

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been mesmerized by all things French; their language, cuisine, and their distinctly chic simplicity speak to me in ways very few other things can. My dreams of experiencing these exoticisms first-hand have always seemed distant and unreachable due to my relentlessly tight budget, until now. With the help of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, I hope to overcome my financial encumbrances and spend a semester abroad amongst the people who have inspired me all my life. I’m not exactly sure when my fascination with France sparked into existence, just that I begged for Muzzy tapes every Christmas and birthday, and requested short, French-style haircuts even before I started Kindergarten. I’ve been a Francophile from the start. My passion has only grown since then, though my savings account has not followed suit. Paying my way through college has stretched me to my financial limits, and to be frank, the only way I can cover the cost of studying abroad is to receive a substantial allocation of scholarship funds. Knowingly, I’ve been striving since high school to improve my chances of eligibility by making first-rate grades, studying French language and culture, and anything else I could think of to get closer to my goal. The Gilman Scholarship would defray such a large percent of the cost, that it has become my most essential target. Moreover, AIFS will grant me an additional $500 towards my program, provided that I’m selected for Gilman, escalating its significance further still. In lieu of the “City of Light”, I’ve taken interest in a less conventional option. The AIFS Study Abroad at the Private “Collège International de Cannes”, in Cannes, France offers the most intriguing and m... ... middle of paper ... ... would face over the length of my stay in Cannes. As I have shown, the AIFS Study Abroad in Cannes, France is ripe with opportunities for me to advance in my major, increase my potential to succeed academically and in the workplace, and to fulfill a lifelong ambition of mine. However, without the help of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, such a replete and ample program would be far out of my reach. Being chosen for this award would be an alleviation of financial pressure great enough for me to meet the expense of a semester-long learning adventure. I beseech you to, please, consider my grounds for applying, and the extent of the benefits I could receive from such an inimitable experience. If I am chosen to receive the award, I will serve my university and community as a Gilman Alumni, and share the wealth of my experience with everyone around me.

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