Freedom Should Be Restricted

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Freedom is a right that all people must have. The United States is well known for the liberty that it gives to its people, all of which are grateful. Many citizens take advantage of this right to do anything they please no matter the consequences. Freedom should be restricted if it interferes with public health even though it is the most valuable right that citizens have. Although many people believe that freedom overcomes all other rights, public health needs always be taken into consideration. For example, all citizens have the right to own and drive any car that they please, but there are areas where people are restricted from driving certain vehicles because of health risks. Car emissions are being banned from certain areas to reduce pollution, is a reasonable idea due to the fact that it helps the environment and other citizens. Drivers should not get furious because the government is trying to protect the health of people and the environment. Society has to comprehend that the well being of others is at risk and that comes first. Public health needs to override freedom in most cases in order to protect citizens at risk. In addition, health and freedom can be balanced by creating rules. For instance, smokers are restricted to…show more content…
For example, if an underage person consumes alcohol, they can be immature and cause car accidents, fights, harassments, etc.;therefore, they need to be punished severely. The consequences are only efficient if the violator learns that what he/she did was wrong and will not do it again. Not only do violators of policies need to learn a lesson, but the citizens being protected require the knowledge of the laws that protect them. When citizens comprehend the importance of the rules that protect them, they have the capacity to help themselves as well as others. Society can overcome any dispute if everybody learns their role and respects
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