Collaboration In Public Health Care

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Public health leader’s involvement in social health problem it is important to acknowledge and identify the various methods to solve that problem. A leader inspires, motivate and influence people and set goals for followers to achieve. In any indication, leader could use his/her personality to form strong positive emotional bonds, and idealize influence behavior, in which idealized the behavior of the leader to become obvious in collective values and actions. This same ideology would be relevant when addressing health care disparity. According to Delmatoff & Lazarus (2014), healthcare leaders faces the challenge to overcome resistance to change and it is crucial to understand and employ behavioral intelligence in confrontations. Although, there …show more content…

In the context of public health, enhancement would a continual process of measuring the functions of important processes and services in public health. Hence, the identification of a charge (inequality) that would enhance health care services for the minority calls for collaborative practice among various health care professionals. Collaboration is a positive and cooperative process when various entities work together towards a common objective. Partnership could be in the form of multiple organizational interactions, sharing of visions and values to help prevent health care inequality. Teamwork requires multiple professionals working together toward applying effective practices, processes, and Weiss (2014) attest that interprofessional are incline to organize, meets, and consult frequently to for a common goal set to resolve …show more content…

The concept of ethics is to have morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong professional conduct and the principles represent honest values and behaviors that are acceptable in the society. It principles is important in every daily living as it guides decision and it provides guidelines for moral conducts. Public health has codes of ethics and so are many other professions within the health care service. Ethical conduct in public health is to ensure better health for the society and it is the guiding principles for the profession. Personal autonomy, beneficence and Justice are the guiding forces. Personal autonomy in public health is with the concern for freedom of choice and action as long as it does not endanger others. Beneficence is the overall goals for the public health policy and practice on social need, which would the entire society and lastly, justice in public health as they serve the society is to ensure equal benefit among various social group and protect the

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