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To begin, one of the most influential black African Americans is known as Frederick Douglass. Throughout his whole life he worked hard to fight for life and equality. The purpose for this research paper is to argue information about Frederick Douglass life and impact. First of all, the early life of Frederick Douglass was horrible and very difficult. He was born on February 1818 in Tuckahoe, Maryland. 7 His parents were from two different races. His father was white while his mother was a African American. At that time period slave auctions were held to sell black slaves to white land owners. It was at a slave auction that as a child Frederick Douglass was separated from his Negro mother. His mother was sold and Douglass never saw an inch of her again in his entire life. Moreover, Frederick Douglass never ever in his entire life did he get to see his White father. Well he only knew that his father was but, nothing else. But he believed that’s his White father was his master. His master’s name was Aaron Anthony. So when Frederick Douglass was left abounded he had to leave with his grandmother to a plantation in Maryland. When Douglass the age of seven he started to witness slavery and racism. He witnessed firsthand brutal painful whippings to his fellow friends. In addition, every single night when he would be in bed he would always sleep terrified due to the horrifying things he would witness. Most of his days as being a slave he would suffer of hunger or thirst. Or most of the nights he would sleep cold shivering floor with no food in his body system. Douglass was bailed at the plantation without even knowing. So now he had no one in his family near him. Frederick never recovered from betrayal, slavery, and racism. Also every ... ... middle of paper ... ...torical quotes. Those quotes were all dedicated to every single war or every historical moment. Like the civil war, the fifty four Massachusetts, and the Reconstruction era. Douglass was also a supporter in the woman rights association. In the end, Frederick Douglass was a very successful and smart African American. Infact of him being a slave back then. Most slaves couldn’t receive education due to slavery and racism. Based on data, Frederick Douglass accomplished most of his life goals. One of the goals he accomplished was for him to escape slavery and become a free man he decided to become an abolitionist movement leader. Then he would start his own newspaper and create inspiring quotes about his life problems or causes inside of the United States of America. Frederick Douglass also accomplished in life by having a good family and by raising his children well.

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