Life and Times of Fredereick Douglass Essay

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The title of the book for my report is Life and Times of Frederick Douglass, by himself. Its genre is autobiography, and it was first published in 1881 and later revised in 1893. The tone of the novel is contemplative and reflective. He talks about his thoughts on his circumstances and the actions of others constantly and often explains why things were as they were, such as the white children he was friends with as a child not agreeing with slavery. The book tells about his life, including his first realizations of slavery, his experiences and hardships growing up as a slave, his religious enlightenment, his escape from slavery, and his rise to the top as an influential voice for blacks in America. His style includes formal language and going into detail on his reflections. The story is told in first person. Douglass talks about his own life and shares his views on events and people. The author’s topic was the telling of his own experience with slavery on plantations and in Baltimore, his lecture tours throughout the U.S. and Europe, his government positions and criticisms he receive...

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