Compare And Contrast Frederick Douglass And Frederick Douglass

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History has revealed that it is through the struggles and difficulties, that the good men and women come to light for doing what is right. These revolutionary men and women risk their lives going against what is morally wrong and fight for what they believe is right. One of these revolutionaries was Frederick Douglass. He was revered for escaping for doing what many slaves never thought would be possible. Through the different stages in his life as a slave, a free man, and an abolitionist, he proved himself worthy of admiration and respect.
As a slave Frederick Douglass was comparatively better than that of many plantation slaves during the early 1800s. From the moment he was born, he became a slave and his name was Frederick Bailey. He was
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Even though Lincoln only wanted to contain slavery the Union and prevent it from expanding, Douglass decided to support the Union considering it was the lesser evil of the parties. As a supporter of the Union, he was able to convince Lincoln to allow African-Americans, slave and free, to fight in the war and end slavery. After the civil war ended and the 13th amendment were ratified, slavery was abolished. However, Douglass did not stop once he saw that slavery was abolished. Even though black men and women were now free, they continued to suffer discrimination and oppression. Douglass continued to work for the rights of black men and women who suffered discrimination as the 14th and 15th amendments were ratified. After the war he had become one of the most prominent and respected black leaders. He moved to Washington D.C., and was appointed for different government positions such as marshal of Washington, D.C. and minister to Haiti. Through his influence in these positions he continued to work for the civil rights of the free men and women.
To conclude, Frederick Douglass’s determination is admirable because he never ceased to defend the rights, freedom and equality of himself and others. He fought throughout his entire life, and in the end he was able to see the results of his life’s work. Through his effort, he was able to change the lives of the American people and history. Revolutionaries like Frederick Douglass who did not conform to are the kind of people that this world needs more of today. who create an impact and change in the world because they fight for what really matters, rather than settling and waiting for others to do the
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