Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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After taking this class and learning about leadership I think that there are many qualities to leadership. I believe an effective leader should demonstrate teamwork, integrity, compassion, respect, good communication skills, the ability to listen to others, have the ability to delegate, have confidence, initiative, a positive attitude, be creative, have self-discipline, be responsible, have courage, charisma, character, competence, passion, problem solving skills, and most of all, be teachable. These are all in addition to the traits we learned from Bennis which include having a vision, a distinctive voice, being adaptive, and having integrity.
Some of the leadership qualities I think I have strengths in include: teamwork, delegation, compassion, respect, integrity, a positive attitude, teach ability, self-discipline, good communication and listening skills, and creativity. I feel I am good at working in a team environment because I can do my portion of the work while also communicating with the group members and making it a good experience for all. I feel like I am a motivator in a team setting. I am also good a delegation when in a team setting. Making sure the work is split among the members of the team in a fair manner and to the best of everyone’s skills. I have good communication skills and listening skills with my peers and also the people I lead at work.
Some of the leadership qualities I think I have weaknesses in are the ability to act during a crisis, courage, adaptive capacity, distinctive voice, and problem-solving skills. I feel that in a crisis I freeze up and just try to make the best of the situation and act with the first response that comes to mind. I don’t feel that I am courageous enough to lead people. I do...

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...l era in our history. The examples of leadership that he provided will serve as timeless lessons for anyone who aspired to lead, not matter what capacity they hope to achieve. I admire the leadership capabilities that Roosevelt demonstrated and will seek to live up to these qualities in my own leadership development.


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