President Grover Cleveland

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President Grover Cleveland

Grover Stephen Cleveland served our nation as the 22nd and 24th president of the United States. The first president to have a wedding and get married in the white house. Cleveland was the first Democratic president after the civil war and the only president in history to serve two nonconsecutive terms. Which would result in three major political campaign elections in his era. Cleveland would be the second democratic nominee to run for president three consecutive times.

Thesis: Grover Cleveland’s first presidential campaign of 1884 became the most controversial campaign in history.

The Life of Cleveland

Stephen Grover Cleveland also known as“ Big Steve” was born in Cleveland, New Jersey on March 18, 1837. Cleveland was the fifth born out of nine children and raised by his parents most of his life. The religion he associated himself with was Presbyterian, due to his father being a Presbyterian minister. The family moved around quite a bit during his growing years. After his father died when he was 16, one of his uncle’s moved him away to live with him in Buffalo, NY where he would start his life as young man. Due to his father passing he was forced to drop out of school and find work. Cleveland ‘s uncle luckily found him a job at a local law firm, that job would change his life. Cleveland always wanted to become a lawyer but he knew that he had to go back to school. After going to a institute where he learned the in and outs of law, he passed his bar exam which would soon lead into the journey of politics.

In 1870 he ran for sheriff in Buffalo and won the election with flying colors. After serving sheriff for eight years this position would lead to him be nominated for Mayor by the buffalo democr...

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...ting to learn about, but no a great president. Cleveland faced a lot challenges in his last term, one in particular was the Panic of 1893 one that he had no success. Despite his poor decisions making he still tried to remain an honest man, and his whole ambition was to fight a corrupt government.


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