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Victor Frankenstein is a fictional character in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. He was born in Naples and led a very troubling life after the death of his mother. As he delved deeper and deeper into his studies, his mental state began to deteriorate and he became a recluse. His clear obsession then engaged him into the creation of a monster who soon became the culprit of many murders. Thus arguing that the crimes committed by the creation are not a result of Victor's negligence but rather out of the Creation's lack of ability to control his revengeful nature and therefore Victor's innocence on accountability for the Creation's crimes. From the start, the home of the Frankenstein's was filled with protection, and love. From the time Victor Frankenstein was born his parents, Caroline and Alphonse. They both felt, "their child, the innocent and helpless creature to bring up to good, and whose future was in their hands". Only love could bring a child "up to the good,to the Heavens" and his parents did everything in their power to make sure that happened further revealing their love to Victor. Additionally, Caroline showed love for people as a Throughout the book, Victor shows signs of mental problems and obsession because of the death of his mother, his departure to Ingolstadt, and his seclusion. Before his mother's death, Victor views the study of science as a "possessed attraction" for himself. After Caroline's death, Victor views science as the true route to knowledge and found it as a supernatural addiction. His studies at Ingolstadt lead Victor toward a goal of finding himself, which has him yearning to find the secret of how the body transitions from "life to death, and death to life”. This year is turning into an obsession on con... ... middle of paper ... ...eation had everything plotted out and exactly how he was successfully going to get his revenge on his creator Victor. Conclusively when the creation believed to have fulfilled his task, he mocked his creator with the grin he gave him upon the death of Elizabeth, showing the creation's cold heart. With that one can take and realize the higher level of intellect the creation had knowing exactly what he was doing directly hurt affected his creator. Victor can not be accountable for his Creation's actions. The acts committed by the Creation was out of choice, not by his lack of knowledge. The Creation was able to decipher between what was right and wrong without a doubt. Therefore, Victor shouldn’t be excused from any and all accountability on behalf of the Creation's terrible crimes, due to his lack of capacity to control his behavior resulting from his mental illness.

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