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The murder of William is the first monstrous act the creature commits.

The murder of William came about when the creature arrived in Geneva,

when he gazed his eyes on the young boy, the creature’s idea was to

not harm the boy but to seize him educate him as a companion an

friend, but the idea of the creature backfired when he found out that

the boy was related to victor Frankenstein, his creator. When the

creature approached William, William’s first reaction was to be

frightened scared because from his eyes he could see nothing more than

a monster wanting to kidnap him. The creature tried ensuring William

that he wasn’t going to hurt but William continued screaming and

struggling to escape. The creature said to William “child what is the

meaning of this? I do not intend to hurt you; listen to me”. William

wasn’t convinced and then there was a struggle between them. William

said to the creature “let me go, monster! Ugly wretch! You wish to eat

me and tear me to pieces”, that of course wasn’t what the creature had

in mind, what he was looking for was companionship, a friend, someone

who accepted him for who he was. The boy then told the creature “my

papa is a syndic he is M. Frankenstein that was when the creature

became furious, because of what he had discovered. The creature

grasped William’s throat to silence him and killed him instantly.

We encouraged to understand things from the creatures perspective

because of the way he is just abandoned by Victor and the way in which

the Delacey’s deserted him and we also sympathise with him when he is

shot by the father of the young girl that he saved from drowning. We

are made to understand the creature’s anger and frustration because

for all the good he did for humans he only got treated badly in


After knowing that he could not continue living with humans any

longer, the creature asks victor to create him a companion, someone

that he could interact with someone as hideous as him and someone that

he could be happy with.

In chapter 17 victor takes over telling the story. He is asked by the

creature to create a companion for him. At first victor refuses at the

creature’s request because he thinks that creating a second monster

may only bring joint wickedness and that both creatures may desolate

the world.

We sympathise with Victor at this point because at that point the

creature had killed most of his family, the creature was very

malicious at this point.

Victor began making the companion for the creature when he saw the
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