Francis Bacon

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He went to Trinity College when he was twelve years old. He wrote more than thirty philosophical works. He was elected to the House of Commons in 1584. Who is this intelligent person? Francis Bacon. Intelligent and daring, Francis Bacon wrote many letters to important people and philosophical works.

Bacon was born in London, England on January 22, 1561. His father was Sir Nicholas Bacon who was a lord keeper of the great seal and his mother was Lady Anne Coke Bacon. She was daughter of Sir Anthony Cooke, who was the tutor to the Tudor royal family. He was the sixth child in the family (“Francis Bacon” par 1).

Bacon was home schooled until he was twelve years old by John Walsall who had graduated Oxford after he attended Trinity College in Cambridge for three years before going to Gray’s Inn in London (“Francis Bacon” par 2). After college from 1527 to 1578, Bacon traveled with Sir Amias Paulet to Paris. Sir Amias Paulet was the English Ambassador for Paris. During this time, Bacon learned a lot about politics. He was on a mission to study civil law, state politics and language. To learn he traveled to place like Spain, Italy, Tours, Poitiers and Blois (“Francis Bacon” Par 2). During this time he also worked on some routine diplomatic tasks. He did this until the sudden death of his father. When his father died he returned to England.

Bacon interrupted his studies for a position in the diplomatic service in France (Simpson Par 3). He has written over thirty philosophical works. Most of these works are incomplete. They were taken as intervals between Parliament and the Courts (Meyrick Par 1). He was elected into the House of Commons in 1584 and served until 1614 (Simpson Par 1). He rose to the highest political office under James I.

Bacon took role of mediator in February 1611. This was the last session of Parliament held under James I (“Francis Bacon” Par 2). He was one of the leading figures in natural philosophy. He was a lawyer, member of Parliament and Queens Council. He wrote questions about law, state and religion (“Francis Bacon” Par 1).

On May 10, 1606 Bacon married Alice Barnham, who was a young rich lady. They were engaged for three years. He was forty-five and Alice was only fourteen years old. On April 9, 1626 Bacon died outside of London from pneumonia while experimenting with refrigerated foods.

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