Fortnite Does Not Cause Violence

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I am sure everyone has heard the term Fortnite before, right? Fortnite is a 100 player battle royale game on Xbox, Playstation, PC, and just recently went mobile. The mobile app has already made $25 million, and it has only been out not even two months. Fortnite in total made $126 million just in February. Why is not receiving backlash for being violent? Fortnite is one example on how video games can be violent, and not cause violence. Fortnite is arguably the most popular game in the entire world right now, but no studies have been done to prove that it causes violence. Studies have been done on other video games and they do not cause violence. Video Games are given a age rating for a reason. If parents think their child is grown up enough …show more content…

Nickolas Cruz, the Florida shooter, had supposedly played video games sometimes up to 15 hours a day. Just because he played this many video games does not mean they caused him to commit the crime he did. Video games may be a small part in all of this, it is not the sole purpose for the motive. He was seen as a loner, did not relationships besides his brother, and his parents had passed away. These pieces of evidence could easily been the cause of violence, but they had put all the blame on video games. People all over the world play violent video games and watch violent movies like us. Other countries, like England, France, Germany etc, have the same games as us, but the have significantly less violence than the US. From this, we can see that either the US is crazy when it comes to those things, or other countries are under control and know what they are doing. Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter, also played video games frequently, and that was linked to his massacre. Lanza was said to have gotten 83,000 kills on his video games. He also created an indoor firing range, and wore military gear around the house. Everyone claimed that he played those video games as practice for his shooting. Violent video games are so unrealistic that they could not possibly be a way to practice for a shooting. They should have given the blame to him using his indoor firing range to practice …show more content…

They are completely different terms and are different actions. Some videos games have been known to cause to aggression, but that is not the same as violence. Aggression is defined as aggressive behavior towards someone else, not physically harming them. This can be a simple action that does not seem aggressive at first, but it actually is. Some examples of aggressive behavior is yelling, ignoring someone, bullying. You are not physically hurting someone, but you can still have physical contact without harm. Violence is defined as “behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something”, according to Unlike aggression, violence is physically damaging something or killiling something. Research has shown that video games can cause aggression, but have not been linked to violence. We do not hear any other news about violence caused by video games anywhere else in the world, so it is not a issue for the world. Research does not lie, and the research says that video games do not cause violence. The facts do not

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