Forensic Case Study

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INTRODUCTION The police arrived at a 911 call of a possible suicide. Two lovebirds had been walking along a bridge over the Arkansas River when they spotted an odd shape below. Upon further investigation, they realized it was a body. The police suspected it might have been a suicide, but the coroner who arrived shortly after they had noticed bruises on the wrists, pointing to foul play. Everything was photographed and mapped out in case it became relevant. The body was bloated and decomposed, meaning it had been in the river for a while. No identity was determined because of how long the deceased had been gone. All they knew was the deceased was a male adult and most likely Caucasian. All the evidence collected at a scene was transported to…show more content…
To determine the identity, cause of death and injuries, and determine the time of death they must study the medical history of the deceased individual, evaluate crime scene evidence including witness statements, perform an autopsy to uncover evidence and collect medical and trace evidence from the body for further analysis. Forensic pathologists also have to be knowledgeable in other subjects as well because they might need to "draw upon specialized knowledge and training in: Toxicology, firearms/ballistics, trace evidence, serology (blood analysis) and DNA technology" ("Forensic Pathologists: The"). They also ensure that procedures regarding evidence collection are followed, and coordinate their work with forensic pathologist operations. Work Environment Forensic pathologists primarily work in a hospital setting but may also work in labs, or private businesses. While not common, occasionally forensic pathologists are sent to the scene of the crime. They may be called upon to testify their findings in court. Most states depend on forensic pathologists to be the primary person to gather information on a suspicious death, however other states elect a coroner. Those states with elected coroners can still call upon forensic pathologists for further examination. These responsibilities required in this field of work is crucial to the success of a case. EMPLOYMENT
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