The Importance Of Forensic Science

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Forensics: How does it Matter? Measure the Splatter! Crime today seems as if it keeps getting worse and worse, but without forensic science would we have been able to figure out some of the main details in some cases? Forensic science is any science used to help solve a case/mystery, which is very vital when it comes to criminal investigation research. While researching my project I discovered all the many tasks and difficulties that come with forensics. Forensic science includes all types of different science such as: physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and engineering to matter of law. A forensic scientist is a specialist in a field of science who applies their knowledge to the purposes of law. The job as a Forensic Scientist not only has many details and facts you have to remember but you also need items of evidence that are relevant in order to examine the scene correctly. Blood spatter analysis is the blood evidence examined to draw a conclusion of how the incident may have occurred. This evidence also helps examine the patterns of the blood to see how and where they were created. Someone looking to become a blood spatter analyst would need to get a bachelor’s degree in forensic science first. Some of the basic classes required to get this…show more content…
These technicians are typically the ones who analyze, take photos, make sketches and take detail of the scene. While analyzing there’s always those certain details in a scene that their looking for such as: fingerprints, palm prints, tire/shoe prints, wound imprints on a deceased person, hair, fiber’s and clothing. Different types of forensic scientists specialize in different things, for instance the time of death, cause of death, location of the crime, fingerprints, and DNA can be found using different methods of forensic

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