Foreclosure Crisis Solution

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Foreclosure Crisis Solution When it comes to problem solving, there is always a three point system to follow: The first point, is to identify the exact problem at hand to the point where whatever problem we find can no longer be broken down and we have one clear issue. Next, we have to identify if a solution has been made available through some past event instead of “reinventing the wheel.” Finally, the last point is simply application of the solution. Now, in the case of the foreclosure crisis, we can try to fix problems here and there, go back to what caused problems in the first place and in a sense, try to reverse that process, but those are quick fixes that are comparable to placing a band-aid on a gash. The main problem which we need to focus on is that of our global economic contribution and along with that, we need to lower our debt and strengthen our economy immediately. The ways in which we can solve these issues are by focusing on education, mainly in the sciences, and by legalizing drugs and allowing only the government to distribute and profit from them. We have pumped money back into what caused this crisis and raised our debt by an extraordinary amount and now we need to make significant changes in order to obtain significant results. Legalizing and profiting from drugs, along with developing science and education will both lower our debt and positively affect other aspects of our society that are in desperate need of attention such as crime rate, unemployment rate and standard of living. Our country’s strength came from our once strongest product, manufacturing. This product has been almost completely outsourced and given to developing countries such as China and India which have flourished into stronge... ... middle of paper ... which serves little purpose at this point? If we try and fail, we can at least say that we tried. With all of our understanding of how the mind works and what effects drugs possess, by using reason, we, as a nation, should be able to realize that drugs alone do not corrupt a person. Most of the time, there are many environmental factors that will corrupt a person long before they turn to drugs. Other times, drugs are that key component that begins a person’s downfall into a life of crime, but by advancing our educational capabilities and reducing problems such as unemployment, crime and hunger, we can then reduce those corrupting environmental factors and not only arrive at a more stable economy, but a country with a better standard of living. How to solve our problems is written clearly in the books of history, we just have to find out which page we are at.
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